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The Triple A® Complete Medical Cosmetics Course

What is the Triple A® Complete Medical Cosmetics Course?

The most advanced foundation training course in the UK. After 12 years of UK and international experience in training over 5000 delegates, we looked at what really is the best way to start in aesthetics. Aesthetic practice has changed and evolved hugely over these last 12 years but foundation training courses haven’t moved on to reflect that change. Until now. Aesthetics is both a science and an art, we now have the ability to sculpt facial contours and not just fill lines.

We realised that great aesthetic practice is not just about training in knowledge and techniques but also in the art of aesthetics.

Our Triple A® system

Art: The art of facial aesthetics is a journey of looking at a person’s face and applying your hand and eye skills. We teach the art of aesthetic medicine and how to get the best results from the very start of your practice. This will include complications, pharmacology, up to date techniques for lips, cheeks, cannula use, superficial lines and nasio-labial folds.

Analysis: The evolution of aesthetics has been extensive in the last decade. To be the best sculptor you need to understand and analyse each individual face and make an appropriate treatment plan. We have developed a unique system where firstly we train your eye, with Dr Kate Goldie’s Triple A® facial analysis system to help you to ‘see’ the face and decide with confidence what treatment to do for each patient.

Anatomy: Safe practice requires a good knowledge of anatomy. We believe that anatomical knowledge is the most important part of safe practice. Add this to learning the correct techniques and you will have full confidence in yourself and your results.

This system is the basis of the practical, hands-on training on the course.

Course content

Day 1

  • Knowledge of anatomy and physiology of the upper face for the treatment of BTX
  • Knowledge of the pharmacology of BTX and different brands
  • Achieving natural results
  • Practical training injecting with BTX of the crows’ feet, frown and forehead lines
  • Safety in the use of BTX
  • How to manage complications and corrections with BTX

Day 2

  • Knowledge of facial anatomy, vascular and appropriate anatomy for the use of dermal fillers
  • Patient assessment
  • Technique description and practice for the treatment of deep lines like marionette lines and nasolabial folds
  • Technique description and practice for the treatment of superficial lines, such as smokers’ lines
  • Technique description and practice for treatment of the vermilion border
  • Technique description and practice with treatment using cannula
  • Managing emergency complications
  • Patient assessment (incl medical history, photography, medical notes)

Day 3

  • Patient assessment in aging faces plus anatomy of the aging face
  • Technique description and practice for the treatment of cheek fillers and/or chin fillers, which can be used in an overall lift or beautification treatment
  • Full lip treatment
  • Managing emergency complications
  • Patient assessment (incl medical history, photography, medical notes)

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"My chief priority in starting up my own clinic was to be able to offer my clients a first rate service. If I didn't have confidence in the training I had received from Medics Direct, and in the back-up support which was available to me, I simply wouldn't be able to offer my services to clients."
Sally Jones, Aesthetic Practitioner

"The Medics Direct training courses are so professional and comprehensive. They filled me with the confidence that I really knew what I was doing - not only in terms of carrying out the treatments but in making the transition to become self-employed."
Helen Shaw, Aesthetic Practitioner

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Please note cancellation charges apply. Upon booking, 50% of the course fee is immediately non refundable. Bookings which are cancelled 2 or less weeks prior to the course are 100% non refundable. Cancellation fees are applied as it is not often possible to re-book cancelled places at less than 1 months notice. Cancellation charges will be withdrawn if the applicant re-books on the next available date in their area.
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