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NEW Complete Foundation Nurse Medical Cosmetics Training Course

This course has been designed for nurses who wish to launch a complete and independent facial aesthetics business.

We will teach you how to provide your clients with amazing results using the most up to date treatments and techniques.

Did you know you can rejuvenate the skin and eradicate lines and wrinkles without the use of injectable toxins? As clients are steering away from the 'frozen' look, they are opting for alternatives that offer a more natural look with medical treatments that are just as effective. This is where you come in...

After attending the Complete Foundation Nurse Medical Cosmetics Course you will be confident and competent in cutting edge dermal fillers injection techniques that mean you can completely rejuvenate all the areas of the face.

You will learn how to improve skin condition and promote natural collagen growth with the use of microdermabrasion and a variety of dermal filler injections. You will be able to treat skin conditions such as acne and rosacia with a medical range of skin peels and products. You will also be able to assess your clients face, provide advice about the most suitable treatments and techniques, and deal with complications and difficult clients

What's included in a Complete Foundation Nurse Medical Cosmetics Course?

As a medical professional, whether you are starting a new career in aesthetics or just looking for additional income, being able to treat the varied skin rejuvenation needs of your clients will put you streets ahead of your competitors who are just doing basic "Botulinum Toxin Type A and fillers".

You will be able to practice with the peace of mind that you are acting fully within NMC best practice guidelines and can treat clients freely without the hassle of arranging prescriptions.

You will also have access to our full Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner Network for advice, and clinical and business support.

As well as a comprehensive training programme you will also receive:

Free - Home pack of Agera skin care products including high level vitamin-intense serums and moisturisers. This great starter pack is provided to give you experience of a range of fantastic products so that you can confidently and hand-on-heart promote them to your clients.

Free - Clinical Manuals on each topic with detailed instructions on carrying out each treatment

Free - Start Up Pack with all the practical information you need to set up your business, this includes:

  • Template Medical History forms
  • Template Consent forms
  • Post treatment care leaflets
  • Clinical Waste information
  • How to source and order your products
  • Product price lists and special offers
  • How to organise your private indemnity insurance

Course Agenda

Day 1 - Dermal Fillers Training


Evidence based theory behind the use of Dermal Fillers for facial aesthetics

Understanding the facial aging process

Skin assessment - changes in facial anatomy and physiology due to aging

The art of facial rejuvenation - understanding the complete range of techniques for the treatment of fine lines, deep lines and loss of volume through to complete facial rejuvenation

Client consultation

Client selection - managing expectations


Anatomy and Physiology of the facial muscles

Contra-indications and cautions



Demonstration of Dermal Filler injection techniques for the lower face including treatment of nose-to-mouth lines, correction of drooping corners of the mouth and definition of the lips

Delegate hands-on practical sessions with live models

Day 2 - Dermal Fillers: Put into Practice

The morning will consist of theory alone, and will cover important aspects of your development as a practitioner. These will include;

Dealing with complications

Dealing with difficult clients

Facial assessment training and theory

Full lip treatment theory


The afternoon will allow you to put into practice the assessment techniques you have learnt in the morning. There will be a selection of models requiring different treatments. You will assess the model and decide what treatments should be done and what techniques you will use to do them. You will then carry out the agreed treatments.

Possible treatments include;


Peri-oral lines

Marionette lines

Turning up corners of the mouth

Full lip treatment

Day 3 - Essential Skin Health: Treatments and Techniques


Theory of Skin Peels and microdermabrasion

Rejuvenation of dull tired skin

Treatments for acne, rosacia, pigmentation and fine lines

Skin types and skin conditions

Client selection and consultation

Contraindications and cautions

Demonstration of microdermabrasion and Skin peels


Delegate hands-on practical sessions

The cost of the full three day course is £1850 including VAT - a saving of £100 from booking the days individually.

We always run a Foundation Botulinum Toxin Type A training course the day before the Complete Foundation Nurse Medical Cosmetics training course. You are welcome to add it on for a further £550.

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"I thoroughly enjoyed the informative 3 day Nurse Foundation course in May 2011 in Glasgow, which has equiped me to get started on a new career! Prior to coming on the course the Medics Direct staff were very helpful when contacted regarding any queries about the course, which I found particularly reassuring. All the team lecturing on the course were approachable, and gave confidence to us during the 'hands on' sessions. The lunches were also very tasty! " - Grace Mackie, Monifeith (near Dundee). RCN

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Terms & Conditions
Bookings made online must be paid in full.

Please note cancellation charges apply. Upon booking, 50% of the course fee is immediately non refundable. Bookings which are cancelled 2 or less weeks prior to the course are 100% non refundable. Cancellation fees are applied as it is not often possible to re-book cancelled places at less than 1 months notice. Cancellation charges will be withdrawn if the applicant re-books on the next available date in their area.
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