The First Treatment

by Guest Blogger Graeme Fullerton BDS of Arduthie Dental Practice.

As a total newcomer to facial aesthetics and having completed my training for botox and dermal fillers, I was anxious to get started and see clients

My background is in dentistry, a job I have been doing for nearly seventeen years. A lot of my patients are becoming increasingly aware of the treatments and techniques that are now available to them to improve their smile. It is therefore paramount that I keep my skills up to date and attend courses so that I can provide these treatments for clients locally.

It therefore did not seem too large a leap to provide facial aesthetic treatment for patients. I have given tens of thousands of local anaesthetic injections over my career and have honed a technique which makes administration relatively painless. Transferring these skills to facial injections would be a very useful ally in selling these treatments to patients.

We have a very enthusiastic nurse who has taken a real interest in us performing these treatments. She told her wide circle of friends about our new treatments and one of them decided she would like her lips enhanced.

I attended the training course with my colleague, Kenny Jones, who is also a dentist. We decided that our initial treatments would be done as a pair so that we could observe each others technique and keep each other right.

Our client discussed with us what she did not like about her lips and we asked what she expected from treatment. She felt that her upper lip especially thinned dramatically when she broadly smiled and she thought her lower lip needed enhancement. Photographs were taken at rest and broadly smiling and these were uploaded to an iPad and the proposed treatment discussed.

We agreed that in actual fact her lower lip had good proportion on its own and that upper lip enhancement alone would be sufficient.

She was very anxious about having the injections in her lip. Although at the training we were discouraged from using local we felt in this case a small amount of local anaesthetic would benefit her experience and make her much more relaxed. As dentists we were in the lucky position to be able to administer these two small injections intra-orally above the apices of the upper canines. I used an adrenaline free, short acting anaesthetic and facial tone remained which was very helpful when it came to the actual dermal filler injections.

Like I said, although I have given many local anaesthetic injections I was pretty nervous about giving dermal filler injections. However, the good training came to the fore and I was able to give her four injections within the upper lip vermillion border and two into the body of her upper lip with full client comfort.

We felt as a group that this had given a very good result and decided not to do any more. She was given the opportunity to come back for a further enhancement if she wanted and we agreed to do it for her.

As a first treatment, I felt it went really well, the client had a painless experience and she was delighted with the result. I must say the feeling afterwards for me was one of elation and a huge rush that I had done something really worthwhile for that client and had made her happy!


Graeme Fullerton BDS
Arduthie Dental Practice
Kirkton Road
AB39 2NQ.

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