Talk to the hand (it knows your age)

by Guest Blogger Dr. Vincent Wong, La Maison de l’Esthetique (

The medical aesthetics field is a major step forward from traditional surgical anti-aging solutions. However, we have been focusing heavily on facial treatments since the birth of this breakthrough. From injectable toxins and fillers to non-injectable treatments like lasers and skin peels, the options available to take a few years off one’s visage are endless. We could, therefore, quite confidently say that we are now able to achieve excellent results in snatching a few years back from the hands of time when it comes to facial ageing.

With ageing paused on the face, other parts will start to give away the secret. One part in particular is the hand. As with the face, the hand suffers from the same ageing process, namely structural/volume loss and skin ageing. With ageing hands come deep grooves, prominent tendons and veins, and loose wrinkly skin over them. So, how do we approach hand ageing? Fortunately, the symptoms of aged hands can be reversed with dermal filler injections.

Hand rejuvenation and revolumisation is an advanced technique. As with all other aesthetics procedures, a thorough examination and assessment is crucial in deciding which treatment would be most beneficial to the client. If there are areas of volume loss (deep grooves and visible tendons), these need to be addressed first. The lost volume has to be replaced first so that a proper assessment of the skin can be made. By replacing lost volume, the appearance of saggy and wrinkly skin (made worse by the volume deficit) would be softened and this would give a good indication as to how “aged” the skin actually is. The skin can then be treated accordingly with the correct choice of rehydration therapy. This will help restore its tightness, firmness and elasticity.

When done properly, hand rejuvenation and revolumisation can produce a dramatic improvement immediately and the satisfaction rate is very high. From a practitioner’s point of view, it really gives a big sense of achievement! Let’s turn back the clock, one hand at a time.

hand image before aesthetic surgery


hand image after aesthetic surgery


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