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Pauline Sangha, a qualified Aesthetic Beauty Practitioner and Registered Nurse has completed Botox and Dermal Fillers training courses with us and now has her own successful business, NowCosmetic. She also her own Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages so take a look for more information. Read all about her experiences here, from how she got into the industry, to how she is finding running her own business today. 

My ambition was always to get into aesthetics. Many years ago, when I first qualified as a Registered General Nurse, the funding was not available, but the idea never really went away.

In the last year, I finally took the plunge and found the ideal course from Medics Direct, as it involved a lot of home learning and a one day practical. I travelled up to Glasgow and took the course along with some other like-minded people. I had my plans set up and my partner designed the website, back in 2013, as an information site, in preparation for me going “live”.

Suppliers were sourced and insurance was also taken out. Waste disposal was arranged and a credit card machine was also ordered, as I was going to be mobile, as well as having access to a friend’s salon. She was looking to offer wrinkle reducing injections as a service.

The first month was exciting. I only had a couple of customers sourced from the salon, by the salon owner, and friends and family. In the meantime, the website was expanding and as my husband was a web designer / marketer, this gave me a head start for the long term. Eventually, the site was being picked up in Google and the keywords, such as “Botox in Newcastle” were being responded to. Other words such as “Dermal Fillers” were also being picked up. We also an active presence on most social sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

It was very important to get before and after photos and these were very well received online. More and more people started making enquiries and the plan to have monthly clinics was soon increased to additional home visits, including giving Dermal Fillers at home and Wrinkle Reducing Injections after an assessment by our prescriber.

The “Botox Police” soon got in touch as you are not allowed to use the words “Botox” to sell the product. However, these were removed from the site and promo materials as Dermal Fillers were becoming equally as popular.

However, the plus points was a 100% customer satisfaction rate. I was proud of my work and overjoyed at great results, and always followed up clients for top ups. They all still come back to me.

We recently produced our first video demonstrating Dermal Fillers and are looking to promote heavily in January. I always promote “Botox” stories on my Facebook page and also regularly update with client photos on Facebook and Twitter. We have a great deal of followers and likes due to a few local based competitions we had.

Finally, I always had Medics Direct to call upon. They provided the suppliers I needed; provided starter packs to help with treatment; a list of prescribers and they even put me in touch with someone else who had a similar business – being able to speak to someone else going through a similar experience as me totally changed my ethos and mind set. Also, any time I needed a bit of advice on any aspect they always got back in touch with me.

All in all, it’s been a fabulous experience.

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