Jill Best Aesthetic Practitioner

by Guest Blogger Jill Best of Jill Best Aesthetics

Venturing into aesthetics is both exciting and intimidating. Getting qualified is one thing but searching for potential clients and gaining their confidence and competence is quite another! I believe there are three types of people out there. Two of the categories are easy to identify, the first category is by far the simplest – “there isn’t a month of Sunday’s” that will get these people to even contemplate facial aesthetics, there is absolutely no point wasting their time and yours discussing the subject. The third group is also relatively easy to identify; these are the clients that have always wanted Botox or Dermal Fillers and they will often seek you out. The problem here might be where do they look but that is for another blog. The second group is the most challenging! These are the clients that are sitting on the fence. Will they? Wont they? How do you get these potential clients to be confident enough in your abilities as an aesthetic practitioner, to put their face in your hands and part with their hard earned money?


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