Building your Business using the 4Ps

You have successfully completed a course with Medics Direct and you are ready to head out and treat clients. You have the industry knowledge, clinical skills and patient empathy required for being a great aesthetic practitioner. Great! However, if you do not have any marketing or sales experience it can seem intimidating to get yourself started in a competitive industry.

With this in mind, here are 4 things to consider when you are starting your aesthetics business.




It is important to consider why you are offering this product/service to the market place, who you are offering the service to and why customers should choose your service.

When deciding upon your target audience, you must bear your product in mind. Who is your product aimed at? Who would you like to target? By asking yourself these simple questions before you begin marketing you can save valuable time and money by not advertising to the wrong target market.

In terms of standing out in the market, you have completed an award winning training course set up by one of the top aesthetic physicians in the UK, Dr Kate Goldie. Therefore, your clients can be assured that they will be receiving a high standard of service with your background as Medics Direct trainees. You should also ensure that you are offering a professional service to your clients, simple things such as answering enquiries as soon as possible and being open and approachable will help to make you stand out from competitors as clients will feel at ease with you.



Pricing your service can be difficult. If you price too low in the aesthetics market, it could be seen that your product is not of a high quality. However, if you price too high then you may push yourself out of the market by not setting an affordable price and therefore deterring clients.

In order to set your price, do some market research in the area where you will be offering your service. After you have done this, you will find it easier to set your price by marking up against competitors. You should be aiming for a ‘middle ground’ with your pricing.

You may want to consider offering an ‘introductory’ price as you enter the market in order to attract clients and build relationships with them. After this offer you could increase your price back to the original, more competitive price that you decided on through conducting market research.



Important to note: Botulinum toxin is a prescription only medicine (POM) therefore you cannot advertise this to your public. You should, instead, focus on promoting and marketing the consultation aspect of your service where anti-aging treatments will be discussed. For more information on how you can market botulinum toxin services visit the Committee of Advertising Practice website,

After familiarising yourself with the rules surrounding advertising POM products you can begin to promote your business. It has never been easier to promote a product or service than in today’s society as most people now have access to the internet. In 2015, the ONS published data which showed that 86% of UK households have access to the internet (—households-and-individuals/2015/index.html). This shows the importance that the internet should play in your promotion plan. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are a great way to build your online presence for free. You can create business pages for both and share your business updates and pictures with followers. Before and after pictures on your social media accounts is a fantastic way of advertising your service, just make sure that you get the permission of your client before posting the image.

You may also want to invest in creating marketing materials for your business. This could be as simple as ordering some business cards and asking permission to leave them in salons for potential clients to pick up.

However, word of mouth still plays a vital role in this industry. Therefore, if you offer a great service at a marketable price then happy clients will be more than likely to spread great reviews about you to their friends and family. This could see you grow your customer base and become well-established and trusted in your area.



Now that you are a skilled practitioner, you need to decide where you will be offering your service from. Whether it is a local salon, your own practice or you will go to your clients’ homes there are some things that you need to consider.

Working from an established salon is great in terms of business as there will already be clients coming in and out of the salon. This could help you quickly build a customer base which means you will spend less money on advertising and marketing materials. However, you will have to factor in the cost of rent and commission if you decide to work within a salon.

Working from home or as a mobile practitioner means that you do not have to pay for rent of commission however there are other factors to consider. There may be higher marketing costs as you won’t have a customer base ready to tap into as you would if you worked freelance from a salon. If you choose to work from home or as a mobile practitioner you will be entirely responsible for your own Health and Safety and as of April 2016, Scottish practitioners will have to comply with the new Healthcare Improvement Scotland regulations We will also keep you updated with up-coming changes as best as we can. So keep an eye on our social medias concerning the Healthcare Improvement Scotland regulations as our clinical manager here will be attending an information meeting within the next month.

Remember that you will have to arrange for your clinical waste to be collected and safely disposed of from wherever you decide to practice.


Overall within this industry the key is to build and maintain strong relationships as this can allow you to build a loyal customer base that will come back for treatments and through word of mouth will bring you more customers. If you treat your clients well and they are receiving value for their money, they will continue to come to you for treatments. By offering consultations and follow-ups to treatments included in the price of your service, your customers will feel well cared for and you will be able to ensure that your customer is completely satisfied and happy with results.

We hope you have a fantastic start to your aesthetics career and remember that these are just some quick guidelines, be creative when it comes to marketing your service and let us know if there are any other great ways to promote your business within this industry!

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