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The Medics Direct Pharmacy terms and conditions are set out below. Please reads these carefully as by using this website you are agreeing to the terms and conditions. We recommend that you regularly read the terms and conditions as any changes or updates will be outlined on this page. Continued use of the Medics Direct Pharmacy website means that you are accepting the terms and conditions and any changes that are made.

  1. Medics Direct reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the website at any time. It is the responsibility of the user to regularly check the terms and conditions as the use of the website means you are accepting the terms and conditions.

  2. The website uses the English language so all enquires will be dealt with in said language.

  3. Using this website means that some of the data you enter will be collected. For more information on the collection of information, please read our privacy policy.

  4. To contact us, you can fill out a ‘contact us’ form, email: pharmacy@medicsdirect.com, call: 0141 248 6123 or write to us: Medics Direct Pharmacy, 1/3 Station House, 34 St. Enoch Square, Glasgow, G1 4DF.

  5. Medics Direct reserves the right to refuse an order or transaction.

  6. This website contains links to external websites for customers’ convenience. When using the sites please read their terms and conditions as by including the website, Medics Direct are not approving or verifying it.

  7. The prices of the products are set out on the website and this is the price the buyer agrees to pay the seller.

  8. Prescription only medicines (POMs) must all be approved by a registered prescriber. Medics Direct Pharmacy will not accept any prescription orders without a prescriber’s approval.

  9. It is between the prescriber and the non-prescribing professionals to approve orders on time for their desired delivery time. Any orders that are pending approval will not be dispensed until prescriber approval and payment given. Please read ‘how to order’ carefully for full information on ordering.

  10. The e-prescribing service means that no original prescription needs to be sent from buyer to the seller, as the original prescription is generated online.

  11. Medics Direct Pharmacy will use the buyer’s medical registration number to confirm their identity and to check if the buyer is a prescriber. For information on other details collected, please read the privacy policy.

  12. The carrier for all orders from Medics Direct Pharmacy will be Royal Mail.

  13. All orders will be sent out as Next Day Delivery with a charge of 10 GBP. This delivery charge includes VAT.

  14. All deliveries must be signed for by buyer to confirm receival of goods.

  15. The seller will not be responsible for any delay with the delivery of goods and the buyer cannot refuse goods on the grounds of late delivery.

  16. Each order will incur a delivery charge unless otherwise agreed between the seller and the buyer.

  17. All prices listed exclude value-added tax (VAT) so any VAT will be added on in the basket.

  18. Medics Direct reserves the right to increase or decrease prices depending on variables such as inflation, increases to supplier prices, tax increases, labour costs and exchange rates.

  19. Any discounts will be subject to a limited time period.

  20. Payments are supported by world pay and must be made online using a credit, debit or master card.

  21. An order is only processed once a payment has been made. Until payment the customer has fulfilled a pre-order.

  22. If the buyer needs to cancel an order they must contact the seller by phone. It is at the seller’s discretion whether the order can be cancelled.

  23. The seller does not accept the return of cold chain goods.

  24. Unfortunately we are unable to accept returns of medicines once they have left our premises. If you have received a broken, faulty or incorrect good - the buyer must report the issue by phone within 1 day of receiving delivery and return the product to seller in original packaging. The seller will decide on the best course of action on an individual basis by either replacing or refunding the damaged good.

  25. The seller only accepts returns (excluding cold chain) if there is a product fault or breakage. The buyer must report the issue within 1 day of receiving delivery and return the product to seller in original packaging.

  26. The buyer may terminate their contract with the seller by phoning and requesting the removal of their account. The seller reserves the right to terminate the contract with the buyer at any time.

  27. The numbering and layout of the terms and conditions does not affect how they are interpreted.

  28. Email and postal address details of customers ordering products manufactured by Merz Pharma UK Ltd will be passed to Merz Pharma UK Ltd for the purposes of offering clinical support to the customer.