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How to order online

Medics Direct Pharmacy have created an easy to use site which is a faster and more efficient method of ordering.

In order to use the Medics Direct Pharmacy, you must be a Healthcare Professional with a valid registration number. If you have already registered, please log in to your account to place your order.

If you have not yet registered, please sign up and create an account with Medics Direct Pharmacy. Once one of our team members has verified your account, you can start ordering.

Please note; that you must be registered in order to view our price lists. You will only be able to access the price list and be able to order once you have registered and a member of our team has validated your usage.


Ordering a prescription as a prescriber:

A private prescription is required when ordering any prescription only medicines (POMs) or any product on a named patient basis. Anything ordered on prescription must be directly beneficial to the named patients and be signed by a prescriber. When ordering a private prescription through Medics Direct Pharmacy, the process is completely paperless. Before you begin, ensure you have all the relevant patient, prescriber and prescription information. 
From the product list, select the product which you would like to order. From here you can add the quantity and select that it is a prescription order. A pop up will appear to assign a patient to the prescription. If you have already added patient details previously, simply select the patient’s name from the drop-down menu. If you are adding a new patient then click ‘add new patient’ on the top right hand corner of the pop up box. You will be able to add all the patient details required for a prescription here. Select ‘save changes’ once you have added all of the details for your patient. Please note, that the patient details will be automatically added to your account. Once you have completed adding all the products you wish to purchase, click on your cart and select ‘check out’. You will be taken to your shopping basket where you can apply coupon codes and you will then be asked for your delivery and billing addresses. In the ‘order summary’ section of the cart you must add directions to your prescription. Click ‘add directions’ next to each prescription, you will also have to input the date of consultation and accept 4 terms before the prescription is completed. We will ask you a security question to check it is you before payment is taken and your order will then be completed. 

Ordering a prescription as a non-prescriber:

You can order a private prescription if you link with your prescriber on our website. Simply follow the same rules as when a prescriber orders on prescription by selecting product, adding patient details etc. Once you have selected all the products you require, click the cart and 'check out'. The first stage is your shopping basket. Here, you can invite your e-prescriber by entering your prescriber’s email and your invitation request and then clicking ‘attach invite’.

After this step, you will be asked to select your delivery and billing addresses and your pre-order will be confirmed. This means that your order is not yet complete but has been submitted to your e-prescriber for approval. Once your e-prescriber approves your order, you will receive an email that will direct you to pay for the order and therefore complete it.


Ordering off-prescription:

When ordering off-prescription, you simply need to place the item you wish to purchase in your basket and then check out. From here you can enter delivery details etc. before paying for your order.

Why Choose us

  • Medics Direct Pharmacy is founded by European Medical Aesthetics Ltd, specialists in aesthetics training. After opening a small pharmacy, the next step was to go online to create a service that our customers wanted and needed.
  • Medics Direct Pharmacy strives to have the very best customer service in the market by offering our customers support and guidance on the different product ranges as well as offering advice on anything else our customers may need to know.
  • As European Medical Aesthetics Ltd. also owns Medics Direct Training our team truly know the aesthetics industry and care about seeing customers through from the start of their career to their continued success as aesthetic practitioners.
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