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Hooded or ‘baggy’ eyelids are one of the more common concerns among aesthetics customers and until now, have been impossible to treat effectively without surgery.

At Medics Direct, we’ve been thoroughly researching devices that have been proven to be effective in this area. We’ve been visiting manufacturers across Europe, meeting clinicians and KOLs and have finally found a device that has met our standards in safety, effectiveness and, of course, results. Manufactured by a well-established, reputable company in Italy with a strong history in medical device development, Plasmage is already being distributed in over 22 countries…. and now… the UK

What is Plasmage?

An easy-to-use, portable, energy device used to treat delicate areas safely, like upper and lower eyelids. Using patented ‘fractional plasma’, it has pre-set programmes on a touch screen device allowing you to easily perform effective treatments at the correct levels of heat and energy. Fractional plasma makes Plasmage safer and less aggressive than other Plasma based devices, an important factor for delicate areas.

What is plasma technology?

Good question! An electrical current is generated from the hand-piece which ionises the air in between the device and the skin (the device is held 1mm from the skin, without actually touching it), this creates an arc of plasma which looks like a tiny spark of light. When this contacts the skin at the correct temperature and power, the tissue shrinks and is sublimated, it is effectively evaporated at a superficial level. Of course, in common with other aesthetic procedures, there is also the effect of neo-collagenesis and fibroblast proliferation that comes from minor damage.

Who is it for?

We have chosen Plasmage in recognition of the fact that many practitioners are finding the market extremely competitive. All aesthetic practitioners are offering botulinum toxin and dermal fillers with varying degrees of experience. Trying to stand out from the competition, with an energy based device is often the next step, but with prices for lasers anything up to around £100,000 and requiring an established practice, this is generally prohibitive, without the guarantee of making your money back.

There is also the question of how popular the device will be with your client base. The purpose and marketing of many devices and treatments is too generic…..general skin improvement and anti-ageing. Plasmage is a specific device for a very specific, very common indication. This makes the treatment extremely popular, in fact the only treatment of choice for this area. That’s a nice way to impress your customers and attract new clients, especially, if you are first in your area to offer it.

How much does it cost?

The price of Plasmage is £9000 plus VAT, a fraction of the price of other energy based devices and given the popularity of the treatment and the fact that you can charge £800 per treatment, you can get a return on your investment quickly. In fact, we have seen some clinicians make their money back in one day after their training with a dedicated promotional event.

We also have a finance option available which means you can spread the cost over 12 months at £9750 plus VAT.

How will Plasmage benefit my practice?

 Fixed costs. There are no consumables. All you need is the device and some topical anaesthetic cream
 High profitability – the treatment only takes 15 minutes (plus time for the anaesthetic cream).
 Ease of use – with pre-set programmes, it is simple to use. It is small enough to fit into any treatment room and is portable with its own carrying case.
 Patient satisfaction – there are customers that have been waiting for a treatment for droopy eyelids, it’s time to give them the good news! It’s also a great combination treatment with toxin, fillers and skin peels.

How will Plasmage benefit my patients?

• Most customers will avoid surgery if possible. As an alternative to surgical blepharoplasty, it is much more affordable and with less downtime.
 The results last up to 3 years!
• It also treats xanthelasmas, fibroma, lentigo, verrucas, skin tags, acne scars and fine lines and wrinkles (and is particularly good for peri-oral fine lines)

How do I find out more?

Full training courses are more indepth and involve hands-on practical training, training protocols, certification and of course, your own Plasmage device

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Keloid Scars

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Cost: £10,800 (includes Plasmage device) (inc. VAT)

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"My chief priority in starting up my own clinic was to be able to offer my clients a first rate service. If I didn't have confidence in the training I had received from Medics Direct, and in the back-up support which was available to me, I simply wouldn't be able to offer my services to clients."
Sally Jones, Aesthetic Practitioner

"The Medics Direct training courses are so professional and comprehensive. They filled me with the confidence that I really knew what I was doing - not only in terms of carrying out the treatments but in making the transition to become self-employed."
Helen Shaw, Aesthetic Practitioner

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