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Full face re-sculpting course with 3D Vectoring and Volumisation

3D Vectoring is a cutting edge technique, recently developed in Europe and featured at IMCAS, Paris in January of this year.

3D Vectoring allows us to lift the face in a new way giving remarkable results.

Often called a ‘liquid facelift’, 3D Vectoring lifts the face. Jowls tighten, nasolabial lines soften and the contours of the face are returned to youthful proportions.

How does it work?

Traditional surgical techniques lift the face by pulling the skin upwards and outwards. With 3D Vectoring the skin is lifted by strategic placement of volume using dermal fillers. Calcium Hydroxyl Apatite (Radiesse) has high viscosity and elasticity which holds the tissues in a lifted position. In addition, Radiesse forms new collagen over time and becomes firmer, maintaining the lift and giving long lasting results to your clients.

Using Atraumatic Cannula decreases trauma to the tissues making the treatment safer with far less bruising than regular dermal filler injection techniques. It is almost pain free.  

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Price: £850 inc VAT


Medics Direct is committed to offering training which is at the forefront of the medical aesthetics industry, world-wide.

Dr Kate Goldie has created this course specifically for Medics Direct after having trained practitioners in the UK and Internationally using these techniques. Please note that experience of facial volumisation is required.

Training is hands on, and includes one to one supervision from our experts.

Courses are held in Medics Direct training venue’s in the centre of London, Manchester and Glasgow.

Cost: £850 (inc. VAT)

To book now, call 0845 6432008.

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3D Vectoring with Atraumatic Cannula - Agenda & Training Programme

10am start

3D Vectoring

Understanding the problem:

  • Relevant facial anatomy
  • Introduction to functional vertical facial zones

Understanding and identification of positive and negative facial vectors

Identification of safe injection zones

Patient selection

  • Comprehensive individual facial assessment techniques

Injection technique

  • Use of atraumatic cannula at both supraperiosteal and subdermal level
  • Practical tips to enhance results

Completing the picture

  • Aftercare
  • Top ups
  • Marketing

Demonstrations of 3D Vectoring with Atraumatic Cannula

Hands-on practical sessions with live models

4pm close


"My chief priority in starting up my own clinic was to be able to offer my clients a first rate service. If I didn't have confidence in the training I had received from Medics Direct, and in the back-up support which was available to me, I simply wouldn't be able to offer my services to clients."
Sally Jones, Aesthetic Practitioner

"The Medics Direct training courses are so professional and comprehensive. They filled me with the confidence that I really knew what I was doing - not only in terms of carrying out the treatments but in making the transition to become self-employed."
Helen Shaw, Aesthetic Practitioner

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Terms & Conditions
Bookings made online must be paid in full.

Please note cancellation charges apply. Upon booking, 50% of the course fee is immediately non refundable. Bookings which are cancelled 2 or less weeks prior to the course are 100% non refundable. Cancellation fees are applied as it is not often possible to re-book cancelled places at less than 1 months notice. Cancellation charges will be withdrawn if the applicant re-books on the next available date in their area.
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